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    Sinus Infection Symptoms

    Sinus Infection Symptoms - The problem is that not everybody recognises the sinus infection symptoms for what they are or, if they do, it is not at an early enough date to take effective control of the infection from the beginning. People often confuse the symptoms of a sinus problem with either rhinitis or a cold which wont go away. In broad terms you could say that the sinus infection symptoms are a runny nose (or possibly nasal congestion), a general lack of energy and a feeling of lethargy. Also, fever and headache can quite commonly be found. Occasionally the sinusitis will affect a persons vision, one symptom of which is being hypersensitive to bright light. The 9 Most Common Sinus Infection Symptoms 1) Nasal congestion which just wont go away 2) A discharge from the nose of thick
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    Antibiotics for Sinus Infections

    Antibiotics for Sinus Infections - Are there really effective antibiotics for treating sinus infections? Antibiotics are used for patients who are suffering from certain infections like that of the sinus. The medicine kills the bacteria inside the body which is responsible for the infection. Doctors dont prescribe antibiotics for viral influenza and common cold because it is ineffective for fighting viruses. A healthy body can easily fight bacterial infections but this is not the case all the time. Some individuals are not that healthy and this means that their immune system is not working at its best, in short, the immune system is impaired. The white blood cells and the antibodies in some unhealthy individuals are not enough to fight the illness. The most commonly used antibiotics these


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